Friday, 25 July 2008

Don't they grow up fast!

My eldest monkey left his junior school today, he is all ready for high school in September. At the beginning of the year I was really worried, he just didn't seem old enough to me. But how he has changed this school year! He is so ready now, he can't wait and I'm not worried about how he will cope anymore.

However that didn't stop my emotional meltdown after his 'leaving assembly' today. It started with pictures of all the children as babies and just starting school. They played Everybody's Changing by Keane (that song gets me at the best of times!). Then the children got up and all did little sketches or songs or dances in groups. It was brilliant, they were so funny and confident. One girl had such amazing comic timing, she has always seemed so quiet and shy, not only mine who has grown up a lot this year!

At the end the teachers got up and dressed as rappers and sang a song to the kids, this was a complete surprise to the kids and they loved it, a lot of fun! I kept my tears in check until I got outside and then I was sobbing, the embarrassment *shudder* At least my son didn't see me lol

Here is my eldest, with my youngest monkey (who has finally had his girly hair cut off, he made Daddy have his cut at the same time *grin*) Not the best picture of youngest monkey but eldest monkey is gorgeous in it.

Both my children make me so proud and happy every single day. But today I'm especially proud of my grown up boy. He is going on holiday with his Dad tomorrow for a week, I'll miss him a lot but I know he will have a brilliant time. The week after that both boys are going to stay with my Dad and Stepmum, this will be the first Andy and I will be without a child in a long time! I'm going to make the most of it and pamper my lovely man :D Whilst trying very hard not to miss the monkeys too much!

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mia said...

wow...I know. They grow so fast. My son is almoast 8month now and Hanna is over two..^^ Sometimes I secretly wish for them to grow super fast...but most of time I'm very sad because they seems to grow too fast....^____^